When Ross and Jake took over Citrus, the existing coffee wasn’t up to snuff. Having a passion for coffee and his own roaster at home, Ross began experimenting with beans and flavours.

Ross knew he liked characteristics of various beans such as the sweetness of Ethiopian coffee and the body of Brazilian beans and he began mixing and trialling blends on customers.

Unwittingly, the feedback he received from customers in the shop was being fed into the decision making for the next blend and the next until the feedback he was getting was purely positive.

The blend that was the final, Intenso combination was to be a quinate-origin: Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Colombia and Vietnam.

The resulting combination took over five months to formulate but resulted in a smooth, sweet, buisuitty flavour with no bitter aftertaste and one which works with both water-based drinks and milk, hot and cold. When added to milk, the espresso imparts a smooth, caramel flavour and one which Ross is proud to claim receives rave compliments. 

Roasted in small batches by the same roastery used by Harrods and Waitrose, quality is paramount. The beans are roasted in state-of-the-art small batch roasters and to specific roasting and colour profiles. Any bath which is more than two points off-colour will be discarded and re-roasted.